Welcome to Water and Climate Coalition

Uniting for sustainable water and climate solutions.

What it's all about:

  • Meet other members through topic discussions, activity groups, live chat, and more.
  • Share activities, experiences, and ideas.
  • Go deeper together in workshops, courses, events, and more (coming soon).
  • Ultimately, achieve the water and climate action we want through collaborating with members in a like-minded community.

Here’s what’s on offer:

  • Topics. Here you’ll find the WCC’s main action areas. Use this page to discuss topics in more detail, brainstorm potential activities and meet like-minded members.
  • Events. Stay abreast of WCC member-related events.
  • Expertise. Find members with particular specialisms and skills – reach out to kick-start collaborations.
  • Activities. Search, Join and Launch! Find out which activities are currently happening and request to join the relevant activity pages - or set up and launch your own!
  • Resources. Find useful knowledge resources like publications, guidelines, tools by members for members.

Our Community Culture:

  • Say hello and introduce yourself. One of the easiest ways to find each other starts with you introducing yourself. Use the introduction prompt in your profile to say hello.
  • Join in. Interact with the different community pages (topics, events, activities, etc.) to make your time here as valuable as possible.
  • Be cool. We’re building something special here, which means we need each of us to be supportive and cool. Share your suggestions and ideas. Don’t judge. And obviously, don’t spam.
  • Connect generously. A community only gets stronger and more valuable to each of us as we contribute and spark connections with other members. When people introduce themselves, say hello. Find people near you or like you. Dash off a quick note or reaction that will make someone’s day—another great reason to download the mobile app!

Thank you

Your support will help us in closing the gap to achieve the sustainable development goals for water and climate (SDG6 and SDG13).

Let's create a wave of change for a better future!